Sunday, January 3, 2010

IIT JEE Mathematics Final Revision Set Number 13

1. A circle passes through a point A(p,q) and x-axis is a tangent to that circle. The equation of the tangent to the circle at a point diametrically opposite to A is

a. (x-p)² = 4qy
b. (x-q)² = 4py
c. y² = x²+pq
d. x² = y² - pq

2. Find the value of Σ( r = 1 to n) sec(2rθ)

3. The sides of a triangle are in G.P. Its circumradius is 54/(√1463). The common ratio is 3/2. Determine the sides of the triangle.

4. Find limit lim (x→0) sin x log x

5. f:[1,∞) → [2,∞) is given by f(x) = x + (1/x). Find fˉ¹

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