Sunday, November 29, 2009

IIT JEE Mathematics - Revision Problem Set 7

1. 15cards are drawn from a pack of cards one by one without replacement. Then

a. Chance of getting a spade at the 13th trial is 1/13.
b. Chance of getting the 15th card as a spade is 1/4.
c. Chance of getting a spade at the 13th trial is 1/4.
d. Chance of gettng king at the 15th trial and queen at the 10th trial is 4/663.
e. None of the options are correct

2. The volume of a prarallelopiped whose sides are given by

OA = 2i-3j, OB = i+j-k, and OC = 3i-k (OA,OB,OC and i,j, and k are vectors) is

a. 4/13
b. 4
c. 2/7
d. None of these

3. The points with position vectors 60i+3j, 40i-8j, pi-52j ae collinear if,

a. p = -40
b. p =40
c. p = 20
d. none of these

4. Say whether the statement is true or false
If tan A = (1 - cos B)/sin B, then tan 2A = tan B

5. The derivative of an even function is always an odd function. State true or false.


Arathy--Numero Uno said...

where are the answers for these qns?

KVSSNrao said...

Not planning to write answers. No time. I have to post 90 sets. These sets for making aspirants think on random question basis every day for some time.